Advance Studio Art

Teacher Contact Information:
Mr. Barnack
507-364-8145  e-mail
@TCUARTeam on Twitter
Course Information:
Advance Studio Art
Grades 9-12
18 week course
Advance Studio is a course designed for any student who has completed drawing & painting and/or sculpture making and is motivated to work ambitiously and independently throughout the semester on developing their portfolio.  The student shall demonstrate accurate and articulate knowledge of the tools, skills, elements, principles and history of art.  They shall make artistic choices based on evidence to improve or refine the artwork, and creatively express through crafted or modified use of elements, principles, skills, techniques and materials in the creation of their artwork.
The student will:
1. build upon strengths and talents.
2. explore their area of study in depth.
3. complete a product or demonstrate mastery of course work.
4. make use of technology and community resources.
5. meet all journaling & sketchbook expectations.
Grading Objective:
All students are graded by fulfilling the criteria of the assignment as well as by their creativity, effort and behavior during class.  Late work will loose 5% for each school day beyond the original due date. Each quarter will be worth 43% of your final grade, for a total of 86%.  The “final project” will be worth 14% of you final grade.
Student Expectations:
Students are expected to be prepared for class and work each day. This includes having a pencil for class and a positive attitude. 
Please Note: It does require effort and work for a student to become eligible for an “A” letter grade.  If a student forgets to bring their work, they will be assigned a cleaning chore in the art room.
Student Handbook:
Grading Scale
Unexcused Tardy
Excused Absences
* What is written is subject to change as needed.

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