Kids really do say the darndest things!

I will post things that make me smile from our class :)

P.S.: There is this guy, Hellen, that tells us to be mean.
Mrs Swartout: (We are walking out to recess) What does he tell you?
P.S.: To be mean.
Mrs Swartout: Is he on the playground?
P.S. No he lives under ground. 
Mrs. Swartout: Ohhhh! (ding, ding, ding, she is telling me about hell and not a student)

Mrs Swartout: Where does this story take place?
L.M.: In a book

P.S. Mrs Swartout, how old are you?  
Mrs Swartout: I don't know :)
P.S. Are you twelve?
Mrs Swartout: I am prolly about the same age as your mom.
P.S. My mom is 100, are you 100?  

E.R. In this picture Mrs Swartout has darker hair and in this picture Mrs Swartout has beautiful eyes. 

L.M. That looks like a hashtag!
Mrs Swartout- What's a hashtag?
L.M. Oh you know Mrs Swartout, a hashtag.  

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