In Kindergarten we introduce students to a variety of experiments and activities. Listed below are the names of the experiments that we have enjoyed in our classroom this year. We are also starting a new science curriculum this year called 'Science Fusion." This is a great hands-on curriculum that will meet our state standards.

Coin Drop
Air Takes Up Space
Water's Great Escape
Paper Race
Does An Apple Sink or Float?
Kool-Aid Volcano
Disappearing Coin

Unit #1 (Science Fusion)
Five Senses
Science Skills
Science Tools
Vocabulary- touch, smell, hear, see, taste, observe, compare, measure, sort, lens, measuring cup, balance, ruler and thermometer

Unit #2
Living and Nonliving
Many Animals
What Animals Need
Animals Grow and Change
Vocabulary- living and nonliving, fur, feather, scales, food, air, water, shelter and lifecycle


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