Your third grader is working on gaining automaticity in addition facts.  This means their goal is to recall addition facts automatically without hesitation.  Here are some tips to help with practice time at home.
  • Make it a fun, stress-free experience.
  • If your child says the wrong answer or pauses for more than 3 seconds, have them restate the problem and the answer to you three times in a row. 
  • Rote memorization is important!
  • Memorization can be encouraged by playing games.  There are several websites that offer addition fact practice too.
  • Visit  ; (A direct link is under my Websites tab).   Click on Factdash in the Activities section.  This is a website that provides flashcard practice and can be timed or untimed.  Any level of learning and operation can be selected, and students have enjoyed doing this in previous years.
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