Frequently Asked Questions

What field trips will my kindergartener have this year and how can I volunteer?
We plan on attending MN Zoo in May. It would be great to have as many volunteers as possible, but please wait for that information to come home first! I will send home notes as the field trip date get closer.

How can I order Scholastic Books online and get more rewards points for our classroom?
Go online to and our class activation code is H7Y6Q!  Scholastic orders are fabulous!  Cheap options that will help motivate your child to love to read and learn!  Our class also gets bonus points for books or materials in our classroom.  We receive more bonus points for online orders but either way orders are great :)  

Can I eat lunch with my student?
Yes! Please come in for lunch if you are able to! Just stop in at the office a little before we eat (we eat at 11:31) to sign in. You can pay for your lunch in the office if you would like to eat school lunch, and get a Visitor badge. You can meet us in the lunchroom or by the bathrooms while we are coming in from recess to wash up.  Of course younger siblings or friends are also welcomed!

What should I do for my student's birthday?
We celebrate birthdays in school. It can either be on the day closest to their real day, or on their half birthday if they have a summer birthday. You may come into the classroom for a visit or eat lunch if you would like. Nothing is required, just whatever works best for you. The birthday child can wear a crown! If you're going to send a treat it must be store bought and peanut free.  Other options can be pencils, stickers, or something else but again nothing is required.  

What do I do if I am picking up my student when they usually ride the bus?
If you are picking your student up when they normally ride the bus, just send a note in their folder or email me, and I will send it to the pick up line. That way, I know who is being picked up, and so does the office. Another way to notify the school would be to call into the office. When picking up your student, you will need to go through the car pick up line or park in the front parking lot and walk in to get your child.  Our school has a policy that pick ups do not walk to the classrooms.  

If I am dropping my child off at school, where do they go?
All drop offs go through the front door.  The other side door by our classrooms is for bus students only.  

What should I do if my student is sick?
If your student is sick, please keep them home! All you need to do is call the office. If you do not call, they will have to track you down and find out where your child is. You can call/email me, as the office gets SUPER busy every morning!  I can take care of it as I have to do attendance and if I have not heard from the office in their busy morning, I mark unexcused and then the office has to connect with me to explain they contacted you...I also like to watch for a spread of any illnesses :)
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