ELC Forms!
Below are all of the forms that your child and any adult chaperone will need to complete before going on the ELC trip. Adult chaperones will also need to complete a background check online this year. This will be explained in more detail at our parent meeting on TBD.  This is a mandatory requirement for our school district on over night field trips. The cost for the background check is $25. Due to limited lodging, we will only be able to take along a limited number of chaperones depending on how many students go.  Please contact any of the 5th grade teachers if you have any questions.

The cost of this year's trip will be $160 per student or chaperone. This covers all of your meals, lodging, and transportation. The only additional money needed for the trip is if your child wishes to purchase something from the Eagle Bluff gift shop to keep as a souvenir.

There are many options available for paying for your trip.

Option 1: Take part in our fundraiser at the end of November. We sell Mr. Z's pizza products. A lot of citizens in our community look forward to this fundraiser because they really like this pizza. Students earn money towards their trip for every item that they sell. Some of the products make more for the child than others. If you don't earn enough through the fundraiser, then you will pay the difference.
(Example: Your child makes a profit of $90 dollars through the fundraiser. $160-$90 = $50 that you would have to pay.)

Option 2: If you don't take part in the fundraiser and would like to just pay the $160, then you can either pay it all at once or in two payments. The due dates of these payments will be posted at a later date.

Option 3: Some families like to pay for the trip a little at a time. This is a more flexible option for families. With this option, families can pay a little at a time over a longer period of time. There is no set amount. You pay what you want when you want. Some like to pay $10 a week starting in September and others like to pay $20 a week starting in October. We will keep track and send you a receipt with each payment.

******Any option is available to you, but please remember that ALL PAYMENTS are due before the day of the trip!******


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