Hello! My name is Luke Fleck and I teach science at TCU High School. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in Fall of 2016, so this upcoming 2017-18 year will be my first year as a teacher! Part of my science teaching philosophy revolves around guided inquiry learning. In other words, I will be having students learn about science through guided investigation - just as if they were the scientists themselves making the discoveries. Through guided inquiry, my goal is for students to become engaged in their learning through hands-on scientific practices, and therefore understand how science influences their lives so that they develop a passion for science like myself (or at least an appreciation for it)! 

Other things about me: I enjoy camping in the Boundary Waters, fishing/hunting, Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf, playing video games (when I sparingly find time), reading about the achievements of better men and women, and playing strategic board games.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know! If there is anything that is concerning you, I'd be more than willing to work with you to resolve whatever issue or barrier is in the way.

Email: lfleck@tcu2905.us (quickest way to get a hold of me)
Voicemail: (507) 364-8151


Physical Science 9B - Physics (Spring)


PC Chemistry

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