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Frau Dooley's Family
Guten Tag! I'm Frau Dooley, and I'm the German teacher at TCU High School and the "Global Studies" teacher at Montgomery Middle School. I graduated from N.P.H.S. and Gustavus Adolphus College. I earned my Masters' Degree from MSU. I began my teaching career in Eden Prairie Schools, then taught World Languages at M-L. This is my 13th year teaching German at TCU.

I'm excited to make learning German relevant & fun for my high school students, and giving 7th graders a broader global perspective. In June 2016 twenty one TCU students and I traveled to Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, & France and had a wonderful time!  I look forward to the next trip in 2020!  Let's make this a great Titan year!

German 1
German 1 focuses on the beginning skills and strategies necessary to communicate in German. The class will begin with greetings and common expressions and end with the ability to communicate personal information in German. Emphasis is placed on communication and developing vocabulary.
German 2
German 2 focuses on the building of skills and strategies necessary to communicate in German. We'll review common expressions and material from German 1 and emphasize communication and developing vocabulary and grammar. This year
German 3
German 3 will focus on real-life communication with German speakers. Students will gain a broader worldview and develop critical thinking skills that support their learning of other disciplines. Students will build up their language skills and strategies necessary to communicate more fluently in German. Emphasis will be placed on developing vocabulary and grammar and on communication, both oral and written, in a variety of situations. This year-long course will provide insight into both the German language and culture.
German 4
Global Studies
Students will examine a variety of world languages and cultures to gain a global perspective. This exploration class will expose the students to languages in various regions of the world and to several aspects of their cultures. Learning about different world languages and cultures will help students to function in a more global society, both within the U.S. and abroad. A large component of this course is the Rosetta Stone Language Program.