Introduction to Photography

Teacher Contact Information:
Mr. Barnack
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@TCUARTeam on Twitter
Course Information:
Black & White Photography
Grades 9-12
18 week course
An introduction to the theory, practice, and history of black and white photography, with emphasis on the 35mm camera, developing, printing, composition, and presentation. Students need to have access to a digital camera & jump drive. Access to access to a 35mm SLR manual camera preferred.
Text: Black & White Photography A Basic Manual, Second Edition, Revised
            Handbook of Photography, Sixth Edition
Course Objectives:  Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
1.         Use all the manual 35mm camera controls to create good black and white   photographs.
2.         Organize their composition through the viewfinder.
3.         Develop 35mm black and white film.
4.         Print black and white photographs.
5.         Present their photographs in a professional manner.
Grading Objective:
All students are graded by fulfilling the criteria of the assignment as well as by their creativity, effort and behavior during class.  Late work will loose 1 point for each school day beyond the original due date. Each quarter will be worth 43% of your final grade, for a total of 86%.  The “final project will be worth 14% of you final grade.
Materials Needed by the Student:
This will vary from one assignment to another.  Students are expected to be prepared for class each day.  This includes having a pencil for class and a positive attitude.
Lab Fee:
The lab fee for Black and White Photography is $30.00.  This fee covers film, print paper, negatives sleeves and matte board.  An additional cost of this class may be the cost of a camera, jump drive.
This lab fee is to be paid in the High School Office by the end of the first week of the semester.
1.         Eye protection MUST be worn at all times when working with chemicals in the darkroom.
2.         For your own safety, please dress appropriately, chemicals may stain clothing.
3.         No equipment may be used or started each day until I have given permission.
4.         All equipment and lab safety rules and operational procedures will be followed at all times.
5.         All general rules will be followed at all times.
6.         All equipment and materials are to be returned to their proper location before anyone is dismissed.
7.         Misuse of the equipment and/or mistreatment of the facilities will result in proper discipline.
8.         Everyone is expected to clean up daily.  Failure to do so can and will affect your grade.
9.         When you arrive each day you are to sit in your assigned seat until you have been given                            permission to leave it.  This is for attendance reasons and announcements.
Student Expectations:
Students are expected to be prepared for class and work each day. This includes having a pencil for class and a positive attitude.  It does require effort and work for a student to become eligible for an “A” letter grade.  If a student forgets to bring their work, they will be assigned a cleaning chore in the art room.


Cheating and plagiarism are prohibited. Students who cheat or commit plagiarism on any assessment or assignment will be given a failing grade for that assessment or assignment and will be disciplined in accordance with the school district’s “Student Discipline” policy. A student who knowingly gave the assignment to be cheated from may also receive a zero for that assignment and/or face other disciplinary action.

Plagiarism: Practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Types of cheating are as follows, but please know that this is not a comprehensive list as new ways and ideas are developed continuously. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheat sheets
  • Taking pictures and/or the sharing out on social media or by other means
  • The unauthorized use of past tests, exams, assessments, &/or projects
  • Electronic manipulation of work to claim as one’s own material
Student Handbook:
Grading Scale
Unexcused Tardy
Excused Absences

Note: What is written in the syllabus is subject to change as needed throughout the school year.

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