Articulation Development

As with other areas of development, children grow in the area of articulation or speech sounds. Not all speech sounds are acquired by age five. Typically, children who are 3 years 6 months old have the following speech sounds mastered at the word levels: p, m, w, h, b, d, n, and "y" as in "yes". By 4 years of age, children have added the following speech sounds: k, g, t, and f. By age 6, the following speech sounds are added: ng (as in "swing",), dz (as in "jeep"), sh, l, "shure" (as in "measure"), v, and the ch. The last speech sounds to be mastered by the age of 9 include the s, s-blends, z, l, l-blends, r, r-blends and the voiced and voiceless th speech sounds.

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