Language Activities to do with Your Child

Fun and inexpensive activities that you can do with your child include:

*matching games, having your child name the pictures or add describing words to their response such as "it's a blue hat."

*talking about spatial relations of items (on the right, on the left, under the table, on top of the shelf, what is first, middle or last)

*sorting games such as with groceries, kitchen items, covers to containers or putting groceries away.

*give your child a description or clue and have your child identify what you are describing

* read stories that are easy to follow in the plot. Help your child predic what will happen next in the story. Act out the stories. Ask the "wh" questions

*build your child's vocabulary by providing definitions for new words, and use them in context: "This 'vehicle' is driving on the highway. It is a car. A bus is another type of vehicle." Can you name another kind of "vehicle"?

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