Help at home and play school/ do homework!  Let me know if you work on these skills at home :)

*write your first and last name with a capital letter and the rest lowercase

* count as high as you can

* count objects (literally one at a time while counting up to 31 objects)

*find sight words in newspapers or magazines or the mail

*write your numbers

*play a card game called "Top It."  With a partner, take half the deck of cards and flip over the top card.  Read the number and whichever number is greater gets to keep the cards.  If it is a tie, flip again.  The greater number now gets to keep those 4 cards :)  

*get out you ABC cards and put them in ABC order.  Set a timer and see how fast you can do it!

*what are the months of the year?

*what are the days of the week?  What comes before and what comes after?

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