Most nights students should not have very much homework to complete...WHAT? surprise  Yes, that's right, very little homework.  My hope this year is for students to work hard in class and use their time wisely to complete most assignments AT SCHOOL.  yes When students are at home I hope they can enjoy family time, be creative, and get the REST they need to be ready for school the next day.

Even though we will practice spelling words and multiplication facts at school, some students still may need some EXTRA PRACTICE at home. enlightened  I will be letting students and parents know some ways to do this as well. 

There is, as always, ONE exception to the rule...READING.  Students will be expected to read both at school and at home on a daily basis.  Please help your child get into a routine of WHEN and WHERE they read.  Keep in mind it is beneficial for your child to read a few pages out loud to you.  That way you can be involved and ask questions about the book, too, which is ALWAYS a great thing.

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