5th Grade Literature Circle Expectations

Literature Circles give students the opportunity to read various types of literature and share their thoughts on the reading in a group setting.  In doing so, students will get a deeper meaning and understanding of the book.  This also holds students accountable for their reading and making connections with their readings.
Students will be assigned a group.  Groups will change from time to time so students have the opportunity to have different students in their group.  When groups are assigned, the book will be broken into sections where the student will have a job for each section. 
On a typical week, jobs are due Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.  On these days, students will have the assigned reading completed, summary for that section completed, and assigned job for the section completed.  It is expected that the job and summary are due with neatness and best quality of work. 
It is critical for each student to have their jobs completed so they are able to share with their group.  Each group is relying on everyone to do their part so they get the most meaning and understanding from their group discussions. 


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Description of Literature Circle Jobs
Artful Artist Activity Sheet
Crazy Connector Activity Sheet
Discussion Director Activity Sheet
Passage Picker Activity Sheet
Word Wizard Activity Sheet
Chapter Reviews Activity Sheet

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