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TCU Community Ed. Flyers

Please remember:  if school is dismissed early or canceled, all evening Community Ed. activities are also canceled!
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Flyers have been handed out at school. Deadlines are generally one week before the class start date and some classes fill quickly! Register online on the tab at left or download below.

By registering for classes, trips or events, you agree to hold Tri-City United Community Education, school district 2905 and staff harm­less for any injuries. 
 I/we release the Tri-City United Schools and the volunteer coaches /teachers from any claims of injuries sustained while participating in any  program.  I/we understand that there is no insurance coverage for the participants/players and coaches, and that any insurance coverage or medical expenses will be my/our responsibility.  I/we also certify that our child is medically fit to participate in this class/program.
Community Education reserves the right to utilize photos and the names of participants for publicity purposes and email addresses for our own marketing purposes. Participants desiring the name, photograph or email not be used must notify Community Education in writing at the time of registration.
If schools are closed due to inclement weather or oth­er emergencies, Community Education classes will also be canceled or postponed. Closing information will be announced on local radio and the Community Ed. voicemail or visit our website.
Refunds must be requested no later than 4 pm two working days prior to the first day of class. A processing fee may be deducted if refund is made at the participant’s request. No refunds will be issued for a class with a set minimum, if tickets were purchased, clothing or materials ordered or for a class with a registration of $5 or less.
Community Education is subject to the Tri-City United anti-bullying policy. All school age participants, instructors and coaches in activities and classes must abide by this policy at all times.