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Student Announcements:
5th Grade Trip to Eagle Bluff: Has been rescheduled to March 18th - 20th.
Art shows: Will be at the Montgomery Arts & Heritage Center on Main Street. More info will come with the times the Heritage center is open for families to visit.

Elementary School (K-4):

  Opening Reception: Thurs March 21 4:00 - 6:30pm

                     Show: Wed March 21 - April 13

Middle School (5-8):

          Opening Reception: Thurs. April 25  4:00 - 6:30pm

                      Show: Thurs April 17 - May 11

Testing Schedule:
MCA Reading:   Oss/Tuma         4/1-4/5  9:00-10:50
                          Jirik/Warner      4/1-4/5  9:00-11:00
                          Prigge/Wagner  4/1-4/5  9:00-11:00

MCA Math:        Oss/Tuma        4/15-4/19    9:00-10:50
                          Jirik/Warner     4/15-4/19    9:00-11:00
                          Wagner/Prigge 4/15-4/18    9:00-11:00

MCA Science:       Prigge/Wagner  4/1-4/5      9:00-11:00


Monday: #1: Popcorn Chicken, Seasoned Rice #2: Sloppy Joe #3: Chicken Caesar Salad SIDES: Green Peas

Tuesday: #1: Hamburger #2: Crispy Chicken Sandwich #3: Turkey BLT Salad SIDES: Mixed Fruit Salad, Breakfast Potatoes

Wednesday #1: Beef Nachos #2: Corn Dog #3: Turkey Munchable SIDES: Corn, Tri-Tator

Thursday: #1: Pepperoni Pizza #2: BBQ Rib Sandwich #3: Turkey Deli Sub Sandwich SIDES: Steamed Carrots, Broccoli Salad

Friday: #1: Cheesy Pasta Roll-Up #2: Crispy Chicken Sandwich #3: Yogurt Pak w/Bagel SIDES: Garden Salad, Shamrock Cookie

3/01 - 3/12: TRASH FOR CASH Contest (**Change from April**)
3/12: Kindergarten Round Up - Le Center, 5:30-7:00 PM
3/12: Viktor's Quest to STOP Bullying, 1:15 PM - Gymnasium
3/13: Two Hour Early Release, Students dismissed at 1:45 PM
3/14: WE Team Meeting after school, meet is Mrs. Warner's room
3/15: 2nd Grade Field Trip Mill City Museum
3/15: Farmer Kevin visits 3rd Grade, 1:15 PM
3/18-3/20: 5th Grade Eagle Bluff Trip to Lanesboro, MN
3/22: End of 3rd Quarter
3/25: Start of 4th Quarter
3/28: WE Team Meeting after school, meet is Mrs. Warner's room
3/29: Report Cards Home

MON-FRI: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM

If you are new to our school district and would like information on how to enroll your child, please contact Brenda at the district office at 507.364.8100.

If you have any questions on bussing please contact Palmer Bus at 507-364-8104.