I'm Mary Simon, Tri-City United Community Education Coordinator for aquatics, adult programming and youth sports and rec Kindergarten through grade 6. Come see us in our new office area! We are now located on the east side of the Montgomery Middle School right off the gym entrance. 

Our TCU 5th and 6th grade programs practice in their own communities of either Le Center or Montgomery-Lonsdale and travel to other communities to compete. At times we may need to combine teams to make the best of numbers. 

I have been a part of Community Education in our district for over 20 years and have seen many changes and much growth enabling our program to bring so much more to our communities. I am so grateful to be a part of TCU Community Education and more than excited To Empower Learners, Create Opportunities for students and help Unite us all for success and positive experiences through Community Education.
I want to thank our great students, wonderful staff and families and most of all, our terrific volunteer coaches. We truly could not have many of our programs without you. Thank you volunteers!

Come join us!