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Ms. Carol Lilla
Hello and welcome to my website.  I am really excited to be starting my sixth year at Tri-City United.  This is my  45th year of teaching.  I started my career at Holy Redeemer School in Montgomery.  I taught Math and Physical education and also coached the junior high girls sports.  In 1981, I was hired to teach Math at Montgomery-Lonsdale High School and coach volleyball and basketball.  Previously I have  been varsity coach of softball, volleyball and girls basketball at MLHS and softball at TCU.

I obtained my teaching degree at Winona State College with a major in math and a minor in sociology.  Later, I obtain a coaching certificate from  Minnesota State Mankato and a Master's Degree in Education from St. Catherines University.

This year along with Computer Science (Computer Applications A  I will be teaching Algebra 2A and Algebra 2B.  We will be using the educational tool Moodle and the class will be run using the flipped technique.

Moodle Site
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Computer Apps A


Blended Learning Days
Thursday February 7th
Webdesign and animations Assignment:
  1. Do a google search for website you can use to create your own website.
  2. Produce a list of 5 different websites.
  3. Go through the 5 and then send me an email and tell which one you would probably use and why.
Computer Apps A  - Assignment: 
In google docs write a 2 paragraph paper with a graphic about one of the United States. Each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences.  Please do not plagiarize.  The paragraphs must be in your own words.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. Save in your drive and on Friday, Ms. Schluter will show you how to download and open in word.

Algebra 2B Assignment:
Click on this link and do the 12 problems for class on Friday.  Please show all work _

Algebra 2A Student Engagement Link

Computer Apps A Syllabus
Algebra 2A Syllabus

Computer Apps A  and Web Design

Algebra 2A

Link for graphing calculator:

Advisor Link

Blended Learning Technology Link

Feel free to contact me at
Phone:  507-364-8162
Digital Technology
Computer Applications A