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Spring Scavenger Hunt!
Round #1

Get busy and have fun either inside or out with one of our scavenger hunts! Challenges are for all ages and parents are allowed to help. Here's how it works!

*Pick your age appropriate hunt - be fair!

*Complete the hunt by either placing items by each color, drawing or writing down what you found/did by each item, checking off the item or writing in a book title. Each hunt is a bit different.

*Take a photo of your hunt sheet for emailing or scan the scavenger hunt sheet back to with your name, grade and "scavenger hunt" in the subject line. Entry is optional. 

Remember, we are trying out this new activity and it's meant to be fun for the whole family. 
Coupon prizes will be given to the first three entries received from each grade.
Deadline for entries is May 13. One entry per person per round. Good luck!

Round #2 coming soon!