Professional Development Request Process and Form

1) Complete Staff Development Request Form Found On the Tri-City United Website

<District – Qcomp/Staff Development – Staff Development Request Form>

Attach Staff development information such as conference registration, descriptions, etc. to request form.

This form does not replace the Expense Reimbursement Form/Process (SMARTeR)

2) At a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the activity, the form must be routed to the appropriate person listed below:

a. Educator Requests: Building Principal

b. Special Education: Special Services Director 3

c. Athletics/Activities: Activities Director

3) Request will be Approved or Not Approved based upon alignment to Building Goals, teaching/learning needs at the time of the staff development opportunity, funds available, and substitute availability

a. If approved, educator making request schedules a substitute through Aesop system. The substitute request should indicate Staff Dev. (Notes) and add the building/department and reason for the absence.

b. If approved, educator completes registration for staff development opportunity using purchase order/Smart system request.

c. If approved, educator completes the Expense Reimbursement Form within 2 weeks of the Staff development activity.       If not approved, educator making request will be informed.

d. All completed forms will be housed at the designated Building/Department, tracked by Building Principal/Special Services Director and available for review by District Office.

4) Transportation to/from Staff Development activity should be through the use of the TCU District van if available. If not available, transportation should be through carpool arrangements and mileage reimbursement will be made for car pool vehicle(s). If the request is for an individual and the District van is not a viable option, mileage reimbursement will be from school or home, whichever is closer.


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