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Welcome to Title I services at TCU Montgomery Elementary!  Our Title I staff working with the students in K - 4th grade include; Ms. Morgan, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Angrimson (Para-professionals), and Mr. Dooley (Title I teacher).  We are pleased and excited to work with children in grades K-4 that need extra support in Reading and Math.

Title 1 is a federally-funded program that is very successful in helping young learners in reading and math. Each fall, winter, and spring we use a computerized testing system called FAST to assess the children based on national norms. We use the students' performance data to qualify those in need for extra one-on-one or small group instruction from Title I staff.  

We also do weekly progress monitoring probes in reading to ensure the students are responding well to the teaching strategies used.  If we find that some students are having trouble we adjust the teaching strategies and groupings during WIN (What I Need Time) , which occurs for 40 minutes daily in each classroom K-4.  WIN is a reading practice in which extra staff support is brought into the each class to allow for small group reading instruction based on each student's progress and needs.

Our Math support is giving to classrooms in need.  Title 1 math instruction focuses on developing a solid background in number sense in grades K-2. Research is clear that if number sense isn't mastered in primary school, the children will struggle in learning more complex math applications beyond grade 2. 

Please feel free to email or call Mr. Dooley from the contact information below if you have specific questions on Title 1 Reading and Math services or your child's progress in this program.  For more detailed information on the Title 1 program, you also can visit the TCU Title 1 Website located under the district tab on the TCU homepage under the district tab.


Contact: Dave Dooley - School Phone - 507 - 364 - 8400