Alternative Learning Program
“A positive learning  environment in which students are engaged and supported in multiple levels of learning within an alternative educational setting.”
· To provide a positive learning environment for students to complete the necessary requirements to earn a Tri-City United High School diploma.
· To prepare students for the workforce of the 21st Century.
· To hold students accountable for their own learning.
· To involve both the student and parent/guardian in the educational process.
· To empower students to achieve their personal best.
· To build relationships with students to support their success.
· M-F 8:00-10:30am
· Students return to TCU high school at 10:46 am for lunch and elective classes.
· Transportation is provided to and from the ALP site. Students may also provide their own transportation.
· Smaller Class Sizes
· Flexible Learning Environment
· Community Service Projects
· Socio-Emotional Support Services
· Field Trips
· Curriculum that addresses MN State Standards in the areas of English, Math and Social Studies
· Career Planning
· Current Technology
· Laptop computers for each student
· Personal and group counseling services
· Collaboration with other agencies and organizations in referring learners for assessment and treatment of personal issues


Students say:
“This program gives me a better chance at graduating and a chance to do things.”
“I am thankful for the ALP because it is better for students who don’t work well in larger classes.  Teachers stop and help me if I need it.”
“Teachers care about you.”
“Teachers understand me.”
“Less stress.”

Alan Fitterer, Principal
Tri-City United High School
700 4th St. NW
PHONE: 507-364-8111 FAX:  507-364-8410
Katie Klemme, Social Worker or
Katie Shead, Counselor
Tri-City United Alternative Learning Program
101 2nd Street NE., Montgomery, MN
PHONE: 507-364-3076

Contact: Alan Fitterer, TCU High School Principal
Tri-City United Public Schools ISD 2905
101 2nd Street NE
Montgomery, MN 56069
Phone: 507-364-8100
Fax: 507-364-8103