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PBIS K-8 ROCKS Expectations Matrix








Raise your hand to speak.

Use inside voice.

Work together.

Be prepared.

Be on task.

Follow directions quickly.

Be helpful.

Use kind words.

Take care of materials.

Keep a clean locker, desk, and classroom.

Do your best.

Follow directions.

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Use materials and equipment properly.


Walk quietly.

Keep hands to self (respect displays).

Use quiet voices.

Get to class on time.

Open and close lockers quietly.

Stay to right.

Keep hallways open.

Keep hallways clean.

Walk in an orderly manner.

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Use indoor voice.

Use good manners.

Keep food/drink at table area.

Keep up with the line.

Be ready for your turn.

Remain seated until dismissed.

Follow all adult directions the first time given.

Clean up your own table/floor area.

Try new foods

that would be healthy choices.

Follow line procedures.

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Follow ALL adult directions.

Use kind words and actions.

Line up and stay in your spot.

Use Hallway voices when returning inside the building.

Be dressed properly & be ready to go.

Use restrooms before you go outside.

Line up when the whistle blows.

Put playground equipment away.

Follow playground rules.

When you see something is wrong or unsafe, tell the Adult.

Include everybody who wants to play.

Play fair.

Stay active.

Try new games and activities.

Play games the correct way, using playground equipment and your body so that no one gets hurt.


Wait your turn.

Leave floors clean.

Use quiet voices.

Return to class after you are done.

Use appropriate bathroom breaks.

Clean up after yourself by putting toilet paper in toilet and all other items in trash.

Respect others privacy.

Keep trying to have the bathroom clean for everyone to use.

Wash hands.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Open doors slowly.

Let an adult know right away if there is a problem.

Quiet Voices.


Quiet voices

Hands to self

Respect others space

Be ready for morning pick up

Ready to exit bus when it is time.

Be kind to others

Put garbage in trash can

Obey bus rules

Two or three students to a seat

Remain seated.

Walk and use the railing

Keep aisles clear.

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Use kind words & actions

Follow all adult/leader directions

Report to your assigned entrance / bus

Enter & Exit quietly

Walk in an orderly manner on sidewalk & in building

Arrive & Leave Promptly

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Walk on sidewalks.

Walk bikes on sidewalks on school grounds.


Listen and watch without disturbing those around you.

Move to your seat or area as directed by teacher/staff

Clap and cheer appropriately.

Remain seated the entire time so others can see.

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Enter and leave in a single file, orderly manner.


Treat computers with extreme care.

Computer areas are food and beverage free.

Properly start-up and shutdown.

Only use school approved websites and software. Leave computers in great condition for the next user.

Be patient.

Keep passwords to yourself.


Clean up after yourself

Use indoor voices

Cell phones remain put away

Get dressed quickly and report to Gym, PE or bus areas.

Respect others’ privacy

Respect others’ belongings

Proper use of sink and toilets.

Help keep the locker room clean and tidy for all

Keep hands to self

Keep feet on floor

Contain bodily fluids


Raise your hand and use a quiet voice

Follow all directions and rules

Be in the classroom and in your seat when the bell rings

Come prepared to class

Bring homework to do

Sign out when leaving the classroom

Continue to follow expectations daily

Keep hands and feet to self