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Kindergarten Sight Words
a are
and be
cannot come
do for
go good
has have

he here
home I
is like
look me
my no
now of
out put
said saw
see she
the then
there they
this to

want was
we went
with you
Simple Ideas to Help Your Child Learn Sight Words
1. Write the words on index cards or small pieces of paper to create flashcards for your child to review. 
2. If you carry a purse or a bag, place a set of the words inside of it. When you have to wait in line at the grocery store, bank, sitting in a restaurant, etc… take the cards out and review them. 
3. Write the words your child needs to learn on sticky notes. Stick them anywhere your child goes! You can stick them on the wall near their bed to review before going to sleep and when waking up, in the bathroom to review during bath time, on the wall near the dinner table to review during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, etc… 
4. Take words your child is having difficulty with and place them on the car seat back in front of your child. As you are driving, your child will be staring right at the words! You can ask him/her to read them to you. 
5. Buy some soap crayons or foam letters and write the words in the bathtub. Have your child read them to you during bath time. 
6. Lay the words flat on the floor in a little path. Have your child read each word as they hop to or step on it to follow the path. If you have stairs at home, put a word on each step and have your child say each word as they climb the stairs. 
7. Make two sets of word cards and play “Memory” with them or “Go Fish” with them. 
8. Lay 3-5 cards facing up so that your child can see them. Play rhyming games such as, “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with me, but it begins with /w/.” (we) 
9. Play, “What’s Missing.” Lay 3-4 words on the table and have your child read the words and then close his/her eyes. Remove one of the words. Ask your child to open their eyes and identify the word that was missing. Then take a turn closing your eyes!