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TCU's middle level students focus on the strategies and critical thinking skills which will help them become lifelong learners. 

Some of the 21st Century learning strategies they will be experiencing to deepen their learning include: 

Flipped Classroom- This mode of instruction focuses on students watching videos of a teacher modeling a concept as homework and then applying the concept in the classroom. This allows teachers to group students based on their understanding and helps to support learning before misconceptions are fixed in student minds. 

Project/Problem Based Learning- This mode of instruction uses a real life situation or problem for students to accomplish curriculum standards while working together. This approach supports authentic connections between the learning students do in the classroom and the application of that learning. 

TCU Moodle- Moodle is the course management system that TCU uses to organize course resources creating anytime, anywhere learning opportunities. It is internet based and can be accessed on any device, though many of the resources available can also be downloaded. 

In addition, 5th-8th grade students may be still using some of the resources from the PK-4 resource list

To support learning in these ways, the device plan is to get laptop carts in all core classrooms with additional flexible resources where they are needed.