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We have been practicing writing our names during school, have your child be practicing writing their first name with a capital in the beginning and the rest lowercase. Watch your child write, we should always be starting our letters at the top. 

The kiddos should be getting very familiar with all the letters in the alphabet, writing letters A-Z (upper and lower case), as well as letter recognition, letter sounds, letter writing, putting letters in order, matching with beginning sound pictures or objects. Please continue to practice these at home with your child by making it a game or a challenge for them! 

We have started to work on counting and learn numbers 0-10 but our goal is through 31 by the end of the year.  Help them practice by writing, counting, recognizing, putting in order and playing with them.  

Practice tying shoes and zipping coats, at it gets closer and closer to winter please make sure your child knows how to tie his/ her own shoes as well as how to zip their own coats. 

Practice sight words. If you need ideas on how to make it fun and engaging for your kiddo, check out the sight word page! (: