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My name is Tony Haefs and this will be my first year teaching at TCU High School and fourth year of teaching overall.  The previous three years I taught high school math at New Ulm Cathedral.  I will be teaching Algebra 2A, Algebra 2C and Geometry in the fall and then I'll be teaching Algebra 2B, Geometry and Geometry A in the spring.  My goal is to create a comfortable and relaxed environment where everyone can feel free to contribute and learn together.  Being new to the district I will be learning each and every day along with the students! I absolutely love working with students and they will get to see that on a day-to-day basis with me. 

If you ever have questions feel free to contact me, and I will answer your question as best as I can.  I'm looking forward to having a great school year!

Algebra 2A Link:  Point Slope Form Practice

Algebra 2A Link:  Graphing Systems of Equations

Algebra 2A Link:  Elimination

Algebra 2B Link:  Simplifying Square Roots

ACT Prep Link:  Princeton ACT Prep

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