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Board Game

Create a board game based on the book. Format it after a traditional board game (such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit), or create your own original game. The game must include instructions and at least twenty (20) facts from your selected book.

Book Cover

Create a new book cover for the book and write an explanation for why you have redesigned the cover as you have. Compare it to the original cover. (Written piece—¾ page minimum)

Book-in-a-Bag - (6-8 items)

Decorate a paper bag with images and phrases that best represent the book.  Inside of the bag place items that are representative of the story.  (example:  for Hatchet, a picture of a hatchet, a model plane, a porcupine quill, raspberries, etc.)

Character Sketch

Sketch a portrait of an important character from the book and write important details about him or her based on what you learned about this character in the story. Include physical traits as well as personality. (Written piece—1 page minimum)


 Demonstrate how to make or do something you learned from the story. Include a written outline that details what you are planning to demonstrate.


Write a diary for one of the characters telling what happened to him or her in the story. Each entry should be five to seven (5-7) sentences long. You must write at least seven (7) entries. Be creative with the format that you use.


Create a diorama that depicts one scene from the story. You must include a written summary of the events that took place in the scene and the key role that scene plays in the book. (Written piece—¾ page minimum)


Make a series of at least five (5) drawings showing the major parts of the plot and include a written explanation of each drawing. Each explanation should be two to three (2-3) sentences long.


Conduct an interview with the main character in the book that you have read. You will hand in a written document that includes questions and answers. The interview should provide some real insight into the character that you have chosen. It should also show that you have a good understanding of the story. Include at least five (5) questions and responses.

Letter to the Author

Write a letter to the author giving your reaction to the book using the friendly letter format. Items that you might discuss in your letter include your reaction to the story, your reaction to the main character(s), what you liked or didn’t like about the plot, and why you would or would not recommend this book to a friend. (Written piece—1 page minimum).


Design a mobile that depicts characters, events, or both from the story. You must include at least twelve (12) “dangling facts.”

New Ending

Write a new ending for the story. Explain how and why you changed the original ending. (Written piece—1 page minimum)


Write a newspaper with articles highlighting characters and events from your book. Your newspaper should include headlines and at least four articles. You may also include pictures, graphics, or comics. Be creative!

Pamphlet and Poster

Design a pamphlet and poster that summarizes and advertises the book that you have read. Things that you might include are brief character descriptions and a plot summary. Remember that your goal is to “sell” the book to other readers.


Write and illustrate a poem about the story. The poem should be at least fifteen (15) lines in length.

PowerPoint Presentation

Use Google Slides or other presentation software to produce a multimedia project. Your presentation should summarize the story, give a character description, or sell the book. (Minimum of 10 slides)

 Radio Advertisement

Write and record a radio advertisement that will make other students want to read the story. It should be at least two (2) minutes in length. Be sure to include a written copy.

Television Commercial

Write and perform a commercial to sell the book to others. It should be at least three (3) minutes in length. Be sure to include a written copy.

Story Chain

Make a paper chain that summarizes the book or one chapter in the book by sequencing the events. Write one event on each paper link and connect them to form a story chain. Please include a written cop