Image of my fiancee (right) and myselfHello! My name is Mac Tiegs, and I will be teaching 9th grade Algebra II and 10th grade Accelerated Algebra III with Trig at TCU High, along with one section of 8th grade Algebra II at Le Center K-8. This is going to be my first year as a full-time teacher. I graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead with a degree in Mathematics Education in December '16, after which I worked as a substitute teacher in nearby districts while my now-fiancee finished her degree. We moved to Mankato in August 2017 when she was hired by Lake Crystal-WELLCOME-Memorial. I worked in the Mankato and St. Peter school districts as a sub, where I had three long-term math sub positions at Mankato West, Mankato East, and St. Peter High School. Since this is my first full year, I have been a Titan since 2018! I'm excited to learn and grow in such an awesome district.

I am not currently involved with any extracurricular activities, though there are several I would be interested in coaching, advising, or even creating if given the opportunity. In my own experience, I was in cross country and track from 7th-12th grade, as well as one-act and full plays from 8th-12th grade. Lastly, I was involved in speech from 6th grade all the way through my senior year of college. It was a huge help in my life in developing my identity and my current skill set.

Some other facts about me:
  • I am the oldest of three and was raised in Tracy, Minnesota, near Marshall, Minnesota
  • I am a huge lover of board games, with a somewhat large collection. I have recently started making my own inserts for some of said games, mostly for storage and the sake of space
  • I love reading, with sci-fi, fantasy, and humor being my preferred genres, though I am not opposed to reading just about anything
  • I am a proud 2010 alumnus of HOBY. Ask me about it!
1st hour (7:50-8:37)- Algebra II
2nd hour (8:41-9:30)- Algebra II
3rd hour (9:34-10:21)- Algebra II
4th hour (10:25-11:12)- Acc. Algebra III w/Trig
Advisory/Titan Time (12:34-12:59)- 11th grade
1:00-1:50- Travel to LeCenter
7th hour (1:50-2:45)- Algebra II

If you need to contact me, the best way would be:
Phone: 507-364-3076

Tri-City United Public Schools ISD 2905
101 2nd Street NE
Montgomery, MN 56069
Phone: 507-364-8100
Fax: 507-364-8103