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Mrs. Tupy’s ESL Blended Learning Plan:
In the event of a blended learning day, your assignment is as follows:

*Select a text to read for enjoyment.  This can be a book, the newspaper, a magazine, an e-book or article, etc.  Read for 30 minutes.

*When you are finished reading, write a reflection about what you read.  Your reflection can include a summary, your opinion of the text, your feelings about the text, etc.  Your reflection must include enough information about the text to prove that you actually read it. In the reflection, be sure to include the title of what you read.  


Your writing can be typed or written on a piece of paper.  Turn in your assignment by sharing it with me through gmail, attaching it in an email, or handing it to me the following school day.


I will be available by email if you have any questions.  


**English Language Development Standard:  The Language of Language Arts.

**MN State Writing Standard:  Write routinely over extended time frames and shorter times frames for a range of tasks, purposes and audiences.

**MN State Reading Standard:  Self-select texts for personal enjoyment, interest, and academic tasks.