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On a Blended learning day, below is the link to the choice board.
If you need to contact me directly on this day my email or Classdojo works best. 
Please return the choice board within 3 day of blended learning day signed by a parent or Guardian.

Le Center Kindergarten Blended learning Choice board  

TCU Kindergarten Blended Learning Board--January

*Choose 1 activity from each column per Snow day. Please do the specialist activity from the class you would have today.





Word Work


Have someone read you a story and draw a picture of a different way the story could end. 

Play the math card game line them up.

*Draw 8 cards and put them in numerical order from lowest to highest.

Gather a bowl of snow and predict how long it will take to melt. Draw your findings. 

Write your sight words in the snow. 


and, they, went, be, then, go, we 


Use the chart to do your exercises

Draw a picture and write about what you did in the snow. 

Practice writing your numbers to 31. 

Tell an adult your goals for the New Year. 

Write 2 sentences using:

 I like…

We see the… 



See attached form

Practice reading these sight words: 

and, they, went, be, then, go, we 

Then use the sight words in a sentence. 

Practice counting backwards from 20. 

Draw a picture of your favorite season and write a sentence to go with your picture. 

Write 3 words that rhyme with:





Dub(3) Enz(4)


Write your login info five times (username and password)



What is the ending sound for these words?

mug  pan net  off fib

Draw 2 cards and add the sum. 

Try to make a snowman out of paper without using scissors. 

Play Freckle for 20 minutes. 



   See attached form

Create your own. (Describe)

Create your own. (Describe)

Create your own. (Describe)

Create your own. (Describe)

Create your own. (Describe)