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Grading during Distance Learning


With the knowledge that grading is intended to communicate the progress of students in a clear and consistent manner, and that there are varying outcomes of a grade on a student’s academic career Tri-City United’s grading practices will be adapted to fairly show student accomplishment during this distance learning time period. K-6 will continue with standards-based grading and our secondary will continue current traditional grading systems to ensure the necessary credentials for future post-secondary applications. JMC will continue to be used as our means for communication of grades for parents/guardians. Grades that are documented during the time period of November 18, 2020 through January 15, 2021 reflect the distance learning period resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Future use of these grades for academic placement, admission, acceleration, or remediation is discouraged and will only be used with caution after balancing the information against student performance in other grading periods.



Kindergarten-6th grade classes will continue to communicate student comprehension of grade level standards through standards-based reporting:

All Standards-based reporting (M, P, NY, X) will continue using current data and data collected throughout distance learning.

M= Meets grade level standard, the student has shown competency in meeting the standard requirements for the grade level

P= Progressing toward the grade level standard, the student has shown growth in meeting the standard requirements for the grade level, but has not yet met all elements of the standard at grade level

NY= Not yet approaching the grade level standard, the student has shown some competency in meeting the standard requirements for the grade level, but needs additional time to progress toward the grade level standard. 

X= Not Assessed, due to difficulties with assessing this standard during distance learning, this standard was not able to be assessed with accuracy during this school year.

For 5th & 6th Grades, all traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) will follow the same process as explained within the 7th and 8th grade model.  

Middle School

7th & 8th grade teachers will assign grades based on student comprehension of learning targets with an emphasis on student capability of showing their learning during distance learning activities. Additional consideration of individual difficulties in communication and access during distance learning will be taken into account. This grading scale will follow Tri-City United traditional grading policies outlined in the student handbook.


High School

9th - 12th grade courses will use the same grading scale used during quarter one. We will use current assessment data, assignments, and data collected during the quarter to make final determinations as to student progress related to grading. Continue to check and monitor student progress through JMC. Teachers will assist students when circumstances create a challenge to learn content and complete work successfully.